WORLD EXPO LLC is a leading Uzbek International Exhibitions organizer company called WORLD EXPO Education Fair. The company has been holding exhibitions annually since 2016 with the support of WORLD.UZ.

The Exhibition covers several types of education fields such as colleges, boarding schools, education centers, institutes and universities. The exhibition includes all possible types of education from compulsory to professional. Further training programs and advisory services are also provided.

At the exhibition held in Tashkent in 2019, the number of participants reached 25 out of 18 countries. The number of visitors was 1173. In 2020, at the Spring Exhibition held in Tashkent, the number of participants reached 32 from 25 countries, the number of visitors was 2,323 people. Our partners who actively participate in our annual fairs always get back to us with positive feedback, as they are sure to find new eligible candidates for their educational programs.


Also, during both virtual and onsite fairs the expected minimum number of visitors is more than 500, and we invite any students around Uzbekistan and Central Asian countries who want to continue their education abroad. This gives a great chance to exhibitor universities to attract many potential students for the upcoming and future intakes. Furthermore, it is a great chance for both exhibitor universities, and World.Uz team to sign a contract to be partners on students recruitment from Uzbekistan and Central Asian countries to the university.


WORLD.UZ is an Uzbekistan based limited company which has recruited the best experienced agents to operate a business in a consultancy in education abroad sphere. The core of our business is to provide educational advice, support and placement to students from Uzbekistan who are interested in studying abroad.

University degree programs, International Foundation degree programs, Language courses ranging from Elementary level to IELTS/TOEFL preparation courses and organization of Seasonal Camps across the globe could be the highlight of our programs which have been offered since 2006. Nowadays, World.Uz has 16 branches around Uzbekistan with more than 70 employees.


Missions of the company:

  • to give students advice and guidance on the most relevant academic and training courses available abroad
  • to be fully informed about our partner institutions so as to ensure students can make the best decisions on where to study in Europe, Asia and overseas
  • to assist with visa applications, clearly explaining all legal requirements and restrictions to students
  • to attend and hold student and representative fairs in Uzbekistan
  • to arrange suitable accommodation for students when necessary
  • to provide advice and guidance about studying abroad
  • to ensure that all schools and universities are kept up to date with progress on student applications.

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