It takes you just 15 minutes to enter Uzbekistan for the world EXPO!

Dear Exhibitors, we are happy to inform you that now it is easy to visit and enter Uzbekistan without any quarantine days in case there is no symptoms of the COVID-19 virus just following the safety rules.

According to the statement of the Special Commission of the Republic of Uzbekistan, starting from December 25, 2020, in order to prevent the entry and spread of coronavirus and new strains in the country, it is mandatory to take express tests to determine the antigen of coronavirus infection.

We would like to inform our visitors to Uzbekistan that according to the instructions of the special commission, the procedure for taking the PCR test during departure from the airport, and the antigen express test when arriving in Uzbekistan has been established.

Passengers are required to take an express test at the border checkpoint of our international airports at their own expense, regardless of the results of the analysis of the negative result of the PCR test.

Express testing at Tashkent International Airport is also carried out by Tibbiyot Dunyosi LLC. According to the tariffs set by the organization, the cost of the express test will be 15 to 20 USD for visitors. The analysis results of the express test will be announced within 15 minutes by putting barcodes on passports.

To prevent congestion when meeting multi-seater aircraft, the flow of passengers has been diverted to the testing medical units at the 5 locations of the terminal. Citizens can also order a PCR test a few days before the flight. There are 4 ATMs and 2 currency exchange offices in the single arrival hall of the airport.

In the departure hall of Tashkent International Airport, every 15-20 minutes, continuous voice reminders on maintaining social distance and following the rules of the pandemic are published in 3 languages. Airport staff will make sure that citizens do not cause congestion and make the necessary recommendations.

Source: Information Service of Uzbekistan Airports JSC