Engage Your Prospective Students

Is your plan to attract a big number of learners? Meet prospective students and course-seekers who are looking for Virtual Education Fair. WORLD EXPO Education Fair is a leading Uzbek International Exhibition, and it has been holding fairs annually since 2016 with the support of WORLD.UZ. It covers several types of education fields such as colleges, boarding schools, education centers, institutes and universities.

The exhibition includes all possible types of education from compulsory to professional. Further training programs and advisory services are also provided. At the exhibition held in Tashkent in 2019, the number of participants reached 25 out of 18 countries. The number of visitors was 1173. In 2020, at the previous spring exhibition held in Tashkent, the number of participants reached 32 out of 15 countries, the number of visitors was 2,323 people. Our partners who actively participate in our annual fairs always get back to us with positive feedback, as they are sure to find new eligible candidates for their educational programs.

Our live VIRTUAL Event takes place on 5th and 6th of March, 2021 and OFFLINE Education Fair is on 9th and 10th of March, 2021.


Meet Prospective Students

Hurry to be an early exhibitor. Meet and chat with students from Uzbekistan and Central Asian countries in an online, real-time environment, perfect for the current Covid-19 era.

Pre-screened, Targeted Students

Virtual Education Expo will give you the opportunity to reach suitable students in an efficient manner and connect directly with them during the event.

Save Time & Money

Target potential learners remotely. Our event allows you to avoid the geographic, budgetary and time constraints of traditional recruitment events.

Enhance Your Brand

You will have the opportunity to reach a broader number of students with select content, such as prospectuses, course information, testimonials, videos, branded media and information on your organization.

Enhance Audience & Reach

With the Virtual Education Expo, distance is not an obstacle. This online facility removes the physical barriers of travel and ensures you access to a greater pool of students.

Communicate Easily

Use live chat, webinars and this hands-on use platform, you can interact directly with prospective learners looking to enquire about your university.


Engage audiences at scale – enable networking with Group & 1:1 text/audio/video chat.

Present to the audience – enable speakers to make presentation, keynotes & breakout sessions with webinars.

Measure your impact – get insightful reports to understand how effective your online event was. Participants can avail the reports of Booth traffic (attendees who visited the booth), Booth contents viewed report (Images, Videos, Documents), Group & 1:1 chat made with attendees.

Customer support – get world-class customer support.

Mobile-compliant & accessible – join accessibility-enabled events from any device and any location.

Multi-lingual support – host your virtual event in English, Russian and Uzbek languages.

Hands on use stand panel for participants – participants can easily change their virtual booth.

Immediate Follow-up – after the expo, you’ll be able to access the profile and contact details of every student that interacted with you

Frequently Asked Questions

When does it take place?

Virtual Education Expo takes place on 5 – 6th March, and Offline Education Fair is on 9 – 10th March, 2021 between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m.

What is a ‘virtual’ expo?

A virtual expo is an event run in an online environment. It is online equivalent of a traditional exhibition, but exhibitors and visitors connect with one another on the web, rather than in-person. Attendees log into event through their web browser and can chat in real-time with universities and colleges and have the same conversations, receiving information and watch Presentations as if they were at a physical event.

How does it work for exhibitors?

Before the expo

  • Design a virtual booth that matches and enhances your brand
  • Decorate your booth with banners
  • Upload your brochures and videos

During the expo

  • Chat with prospective students according to your courses / location, and their interests
  • View detailed profiles of all students visiting your booth
  • Use the private chat function to have one-on-one chats, or group chats with students at your booth

After the expo

  • Check statistics of students that have visited your booth
  • Receive contact details of students that have interacted with you or downloaded your material
  • Follow-up with students and finalize enrollments
How do I reserve my space?

Simply click here to contact us to reserve your space at both Virtual & Offline Education Expo.

How is World-Expo Virtual Education Fair promoted?

The event will be advertised on national and local TV, online, through our social media outlets, sending invitations and e-mail marketing.

Who exhibits at the expo?

Universities, institutes, collages as well as providers of online courses. Furthermore, you may find any form of education related exhibitors promoting their products and services.

Are there any extra features exhibitors can avail of?

Yes. During the expo we will also be streaming our scheduled presentations. This is a great way to connect with prospective students and promote your courses.

Who do I contact with further questions about exhibiting at the World-Expo Virtual Education Fair?

If you have further enquiries you can contact with us on +998 93 517 00 30 or at

What are the benefits of exhibiting at World-Expo Virtual Education Fair?

You’ll meet thousands of prospective students all in two days. Your school, college, university or business will gain great exposure through an extensive marketing campaign. Furthermore, you can do all this from the comfort of your home in the cost effective environment.

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